Daisy CMS 2.1 released

Daisy is an enterprise content management solution, bridging the gap between classic website content management and the Wiki-style of information management and discovery. It is ideally suited for intranet knowledge bases, product and/or project documentation, and management of content-rich websites. It consists of a repository server with powerful querying and versioning capabilities, and a Wiki-like front-end web user interface with in-browser rich-text authoring.

New in this release: The visual HTML diff code created by our GSoC student has been integrated. Documents can now contain variables which are substituted during publishing. The source build has been made significantly easier. A new Spring-based runtime system for the repository server has been introduced, allowing easier deployment of plug-ins. Various functional additions have been made throughout the system, including the query language, the navigation system, the publisher, the faceted browser, and many more.

Homepage: http://www.daisycms.org/
Demo site: http://demo.daisycms.org/
Change log: http://cocoondev.org/daisydocs-2_1/13-cd/410-cd.html
Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=176692


Posted by Bruno Dumon 2007-08-31

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