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Released ViewSourceWith

Now you can pass arguments to programs without using boring scripts and/or batches.
Great MacOSX support
Thunderbird support enhanced
Minor bugs fixed

Posted by Davide Ficano 2006-09-10

Released ViewSourceWith

Now you can open and edit server pages (PHP/JSP/ASP)

Posted by Davide Ficano 2005-12-11

ViewSourceWith supports Flock browser

Now VSW can be installed on flock http://www.flock.com/

Posted by Davide Ficano 2005-10-30

ViewSourceWith released

The new minor release fixes bugs and add some new feature.
- Now you can set native image viewer available with context menu.
- You can assign a shortcut key to any editor
- Great work has been done to better Thunderbird/Mozilla Mail integration
Now you can view all selected messages (one per editor window/instance)
Now works fine when preview window is not present

Posted by Davide Ficano 2005-10-22

ViewSourceWith released

Another bug fix revision with enabled support for Firefox 1.5 beta 1, new localizations Czech and Spanish-Argentina

Posted by Davide Ficano 2005-09-10

ViewSourceWith released

New graphics
Minor bugs fixed
Menu icons can be hidden
Fully compatible with Netscape 8
Enhanced NVU's native editor replacement
Enhanced native editor replacement

Posted by Davide Ficano 2005-09-01

ViewSource released

Enhanced temporary files handling.
You can edit input field text inside external editor.
See http://dafizilla.sourceforge.net/viewsourcewith/faq.php

Posted by Davide Ficano 2005-06-12

ViewSource 0.0.7 released

Now context menu is a bit smarter:
- view source for link underneath cursor
- view source for images underneath cursor
- view source for input text fields

PortableFirefox users experience now is better

Posted by Davide Ficano 2005-05-14