#44 Special coloring for active tab ?

ColorTab (3)

Thanks for a nice extension.

Now with all the coloured tabs is can be difficult to see which tab is the active one.
Would it be possible to add a special pseudo pattern that always identifies/matches the active tab - no matter file type.
In that way it would be possible to assign an agresive color to the active tab so that it would be easy to spot between the 10's of open tab.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards Uffe :-)


  • Davide Ficano

    Davide Ficano - 2009-11-19

    Sure, this can be done.

    I hope to implement very soon

    thanks for using ColorTab

  • Johannes Kilian

    Johannes Kilian - 2011-03-15


    Any news on this?

  • Davide Ficano

    Davide Ficano - 2011-03-17

    Actually I'm a bit busy I hope to fix this problem very soon


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