Jo Cook - 2008-11-04


I have downloaded and installed the open source version of Daffodil Replicator, version 2.1 on windows XP. I have managed to start the publication server and subscription servers, and have created a publication. When I try and subscribe to it, after filling in the details about the publication I get the following error:

Socket write error

This is repeated in the log file.

I am trying to replicate two postgresql databases on the same server, so I have different port numbers for the publication and subscription servers, but other connection details (apart from the database name) are the same.

If I make any changes to the details for the subscription, I get different errors relating to that change (eg wrong port, wrong publication etc). This error only seems to occur if I have all the details correct.

I have seen this error mentioned in the developers guide, but with no information on how to resolve it.

Can anyone help? Please let me know if you need me to provide any further information.