Table dependancies on Postgres with v1.7

  • brian

    brian - 2005-03-09

    Having a problem with Daffodil 1.7

    I have two tables - 'customer' and 'employer'
    'employer' has foreign key(custid) which references customer(custid).  When I try to publish both tables at once, I get:
    "Could not publish because parent table 'public.customer' of table 'employer' is not included in publication"

    I tried using pg80b1.308.jdbc3.jar and postgresql-8.0-310.jdbc3.jar, but got the same error in both.  If I use Daffodil 1.6 with pg80b1.308.jdbc3.jar, however, it works.   I'm using postgres 7.3(I'm stuck with that version for the time being), but I'd like to take advantage of the fixes and features of Daffodil 1.7.  Am I missing something?


    • Neeraj khanna

      Neeraj khanna - 2005-03-17

      Hi Brain,

      We apologize for the inconvenience you have faced. Actually, few of the Daffodil Replicator's users have asked for this feature. After studying you case, we are once again analyzing it.


    • Neeraj khanna

      Neeraj khanna - 2005-04-01

      Hi brain,

      Can you provide the structure of both the tables along with the sequence in which you have passed for create publication. These information would help us in tracing your issue.


    • subesingh

      subesingh - 2005-04-07


          Problem has been resolved in latest release of Daffodil Replicator version 1.7.

      Thanks and Regards

      Sube Singh


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