My Expereince with PostgresQL 8.01-Not good

  • kabs

    kabs - 2005-04-01

    Hi folks,

    First may I just say this is a good product and far better than most of what is out there in terms of dealing with replication. Keep up the good work guys.

    Before I share my experience, here is a description of my operating environment.
    Trying to set up replication between two PostgresQL DBs- one running on windows 2003 server and the other running on Linux Fedora 3 Core. Here is what I have

    Dabatase; PostgresQL 8.01
    Java  version:  JDK 5.02 ("1.5.0_02")
    JDBC Driver:  postgresql-8.0-310.jdbc3.jar

    I have tried all the version from 1.4 to the latest 1.7 and they have all failed me thus far. I did make it work with v1.6 when I dealt with just two tables, but when I tried with 36 tables, everything just seem to fall apart and here are the details with each version:

    This could not allow me to publish tables with dependencies and that basically was not of any use to my situation ..same problem reported in this thread

    This allowed me publish the tables without any problem, but the subscription creation after starting the subServer gave me problems. I got the error that xxx table exist in a client with different structure on some tables. Certainly not correct error message because both DB tables were created from the same sql script.

    This looked promising. I was able to create both publication and subscription without a problem. Nevertheless, on taking the snapshot, got the error of foreign key insert violation on child tables. Im still trying some workarounds on this one.I have a hunch I could easily fix this one

    Show the same error of xxxx table  does not exist in the datasource when creating the publication... Wrong error message again

    So that is my experience. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Meantime.. will try and have a look at the source code and see if I could tweak with one or two lines. Otherwise looks like a great product and has a lot of promise and hope the future stable ones deliver.

    Many thanks


    • subesingh

      subesingh - 2005-04-07

      Hi ,

            We have identified the problem and add it to todo list . We will  try to resolve it as soon as possible.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Sube Singh


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