I have the following configuration
db_main => central database on a main server
db_n => set of databases, each on a different worksation that can be logged off the main server.

On each station, theres's a software communicating with db_main, and, in case the net is off, it switch to the local database (db_xx).

So, as i want that each local db is synchronised with the main one (db_main), i decided to
uses daffodil replicator.

I set one publisher agent on the main server, and one subscriber agent on each station.

My questions are :
- Is one publication enough for distributing and retrieving data from/to db_main and all the db_xx ?
- Can i use the same port number on each subscription agent, as there have an ip/name different ?
- Can i use the same subscription name on each subscription agent ?
- Or should i use different name for the subscriptions, each one linked to the same publication, in order to allow simultaneous sync/pull/push ?

My main ask is what is the correct configuration if i want simultaneous sync/pull/push ?