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#6 Button Mapping option


Since Daedalus is starting to work better and better with every new release, I'm starting to be able to play some games

BTW your work is great

But, while I was playing some, I found that the button placement is a bit akward for some games, namely mario kart when you have to be pressing the x button and at the same time you'll need to fire things reaching for the triangle button, this is pretty difficult for anyone, I think

With a Button maping option you might switch to the more important buttons in a game, but that same button combination would not work for other games. So it would be great if you could make it happen


  • DamiK

    DamiK - 2007-12-12

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    Originator: NO

    Are you talking about the creation of a .ini to memorize the controls for every game ?

  • Wally

    Wally - 2007-12-12

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    Originator: NO

    You can always customise the ControllerConfig files, have a look at them and make your own to suit then set it as preferred.


  • mike_jmg

    mike_jmg - 2007-12-13

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    Originator: YES

    I don't know how to customize the controllerconfig files, have you ever used the button config option in gpsp, something like that just to change the buttons to whatever I'll need while playing. You'll need to use the computer to do the customization right?, what happens if the control mapping didn't come out the way you expected, you'll need to start all over

    And no, no memorizing controls for every game, although is a good idea, is it too difficult to make?


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