#5 Language


Well I'm not really sure about what I advance but I think that the use of the new benhur lybrary for daedalus would make easyer the text change on the menu. If it is, its would be a great idea to create a kind a language selector. Loading a language library from a setting menu would make the emulator a more international release.

The translation should me made by the user and verified by a few other before being included into the release.

I even propose myself for doing the french one if you need.

I know it is secondary but there is a lot of user who got real problem with using english.

*As well its coul be made for the language using the latin alphabet, because I don't know if the arabic or chinese is compatible.


  • DamiK

    DamiK - 2007-12-11
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Wally

    Wally - 2007-12-12
    • priority: 3 --> 7
    • assigned_to: nobody --> strmnnrmn
  • Wally

    Wally - 2007-12-12

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    This is a neat idea, I'll pass it on to strmnnrmn.

    Have made it more of a priority


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