is the creater dead

  • mouldyman

    mouldyman - 2007-01-09

    i say this because he has not said anythink for 5 months wats going on usaly he would release a new verson every 2 months hope hes all right because i well kill myself if
    i cant play zealda on psp any faster then 5 to 7 frams per second

    • Norman Taylor

      Norman Taylor - 2007-12-02

      No, he's still alive and kicking :)

    • Devil

      Devil - 2008-02-23

      Is he dead now? I haven't heard anything in ages and the svn hasn't been updated in 2months. If your enjoying a break though Norman? continue to enjoy it! After all "All work and no play makes Norman a dull boy" The emulator can wait!

      It's awsomeness shall remain through these past and present months

      • Anthony Tsaukpaetra

        Wow, do I sense a lot of sarcasm? Ya know, strmnnrmn doesn't need to be developing this. This is (after all) a pet project that garners little (if any) money, and in order to survive in today's society, money must be made. Therefore, strmnnrmn is probably stuck up on working in more urgent issues. After all, if I had more time, I might be helping other people by doing things like this :).

    • W M

      W M - 2008-10-01

      StrmnNrmn could you release what you have now as release 14 and then keep doing whatever you've been doing since release 13 (which is probably very important i just want another release)


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