DACS 1.4.20 has been released

Since DACS is security software, we urge all users
to upgrade to the newest release. Please visit http://dacs.dss.ca/download.html for checksums and additional information.

Checksums for dacs-1.4.20.tbz:
-rw-r--r-- 1 brachman wheel 1925130 Aug 13 09:52 dacs-1.4.20.tbz

MD5: 308ef4ffde9f53054e21dcd78fd44252
SHA-1: 52dfc71273483659419c24f0880af3ac655ad839

Checksums for dacs-1.4.20.tgz:
-rw-r--r-- 1 brachman wheel 2686200 Aug 13 09:52 dacs-1.4.20.tgz

MD5: 275ed0c74a176ccce64f8bce81052d3f
SHA-1: fb9e3563873f51ef5b38e6c36c2587fcfe608123

Posted by Barry Brachman 2007-08-15

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