These is a new problem!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Obeying your last suggestion I download the newest DACS 1.4.16 to install.
    and everthing is OK but when I continue to number 10 of step 5: Do basic DACS configuration
    When I input the following text:

    $bin/mkkey -u -q \    $feds/

    the system output the following text:
    Plese check ownership and mode of '/usr/local/dacs/federations/'

    And I also find that /usr/local/dacs/federations/ 's property is:
    the owner is "root" ,and the owner group is "www"
    and the all of the owners are only can read and write this file.
    what should I do?

    The system looks very well until step 7: Test basic DACS services
    The system output "Internal Server Error!"

    The system output:" An error occurred:federation="DACSTEST" error="Internal error" "

    And I can't continue to step 8:Try DACS autentication in that there is an error!

    • Barry Brachman

      Barry Brachman - 2006-12-11

      >When I input the following text:
      >$bin/mkkey -u -q \
      >the system output the following text:
      >Plese check ownership and mode of >'/usr/local/dacs/federations/'

      Yes - that is not an error message, only a warning.
      You only need to check that the permissions for that file are such that DACS CGI programs can read the file but ordinary users cannot.  If root owns that file and its group is "www", you can set its mode to 0770:
        % chmod 0770 /usr/local/dacs/federations/

      When you get an "Internal Server Error" message it
      usually means that something is wrong with your Apache
      configuration or the CGI program is crashing.  Check the Apache log files.  If DACS is writing log messages to its log files, then the problem is probably with DACS rather than Apache - if no DACS log messages
      are being produced, the problem is probably with Apache.

      Try running 'dacsversion' from the command line - if it does not work, then the web service will most likely not work either.

      Since dacs_list_jurisdictions is not working either,
      my guess is that DACS is not running correctly on your
      (unsupported) platform.  We will need more information about what is happening to understand the problem.



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