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when build and install DACS,there was an erro

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When we go to step3'Build and install DACS'(in dacs.quick.7.html)

    %  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/dacs --disable-shared \    --enable-static --enable-passwd-auth \    --disable-bdb --with-apache=/usr/local/apache-dacs \    --with-expat=/usr/local

    Then, an error occured:

    config.status:error:cannot find input file:

    when we continued install:
    % gmake

    The system output :
    gmake: *** No rule to make targe '../include/config.h',needed by 'expr.o'. Stop.

    if we continue install;
    % gmake install
    The system also output :
    gmake: *** No rule to make targe '../include/config.h',needed by 'expr.o'. Stop.

    we opened the directory /usr/local/dacs  and found that
    there were 11 directories subdirectory of the dacs that were all empty directories .
    there was no file in any of these directories.

    our platform : windows xp sp2(host) + VMware Workstation  + Linux 2.4.20-8

    I have installed openssl-0.9.8c, Apache 2.0.59, Expat 2.0.0  successfully before that. 

    • Barry Brachman

      Barry Brachman - 2006-11-25

      The file src/ is included with the
      downloaded DACS distribution- it is not created.  When you run configure, it uses src/ to create the file src/.defaults

      If you are missing src/, just create it with these two lines:


      The configure program must finish without any errors
      before you can run gmake, so you need to fix this
      problem first.

      VMware Workstation is not an officially supported platform and we have no experience with it.  But if
      you were able to successfully build, install, and run
      OpenSSL and Apache, you should not have any major
      problems with DACS.

      Please follow up if you are still unable to build
      DACS successfully and we will try to get you going.



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