I am doing static analysis on Dalvik bytecode which Android applications are compiling down to.

And at some point of my project, I want to evaluate  some standard Java benchmarks, not limited Android apps, which are also written in Java. and I think  Dacapo has some real standard Java programs that I want to test my analyzer.

I have tried to port the applications in DaCapo to Android apps and analyze them, but only antlr, lusearch, and pmd works, others have the conflicts mainly in GUI related stuff...
The thing is that  I want more of them can be compiled in Dalvik Virtual Machine. so my question are:

1. Is there anyone aware of some existing tools/experience on how to port Java apps to Android apps?

2. What other apps in the DaCapo benchmark specifically that you think it can be compiled into JVM? (e.g. for those ones that do not use SWING, SWT or the stuff...)

Thanks in advance!