#99 [1.10.2]Marking is either broken or completely unintuitive


Whenever I select a cube by clicking, all of its verticies have a red box around them, as if marked - in fact, they are marked.
choosing a new cube unmarks the verticies of the selected cube and then marks all of the verticies of the other cube. This is all regardless of what mode (point, line, side, etc.) is selected. This allows me to accidentally and almost haphazardly unmark part or all of previously marked cubes I happen to click on, which is my normal method for going to cubes in combination with using the arrow keys.

I have little to no idea what I'm doing when I try to select and mark parts of cubes, and while I can still click and drag to select a large number of verticies, I can no longer see the selection area (the "box" which was formed in previous versions when you clicked and dragged using the mouse, which was very helpful in determining what exactly I was going to mark

The Mark key will unmark everything that is marked when I click on another cube and unmark it. It drives me nuts.

If this new system was intentional, then please, for mappers everywhere, return the old marking system! In fact, if it wasn't, then please do so anyway :).


  • karx11erx

    karx11erx - 2012-04-22


  • karx11erx

    karx11erx - 2012-04-22
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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