#2761 DVORAK keyboard mode with the keyboard layout already it DVORAK


If the game is started up from a from a computer that's already in DVORAK mode, then the game's DVORAK mode translates text I'm typing as what would the proper translation be if I'm typing DVORAK into a QWERTY keyboard layout instead of leaving in DVORAK like it should.(Hopefully I said that right. :) ) The game's DVORAK mode works if I set my keyboard up in QWERTY before starting. Also if the game is started in from DVORAK mode and the game is set to QWERTY it works as if it was in DVORAK mode. Cheep workaround... leave game in QWERTY mode?


Helpful scripts/alias/etc... to try out that might help in testing this.

The physical key is not the same as the character represented by the key. The key that says 'S', etc... on it could be other characters in other layouts.

alias aoeu='setxkbmap -layout us -variant basic'
alias asdf='setxkbmap -layout us -variant dvorak'

#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "# Note: "?Might could be remade to work with 'sh' too?"
echo "Typing DVORAK in QWERTY keyboard layout is DiQ"
function DiQ() {
echo "${1}" | tr \ "RTYUIOPASDFGHJKLXCVBNMrtyuiopasdfghjklxcvbnm~+QWE{}|:\"Z<>?`-=qwe[]\;\'z,./" \ "PYFGCRLAOEUIDHTNQJKXBMpyfgcrlaoeuidhtnqjkxbm~{}\"<>?+|S:WVZ`[]\',./=\s-;wvz"
echo "Typing QWERTY in a DVORAK layout is QiD"
function QiD (){
echo "${1}" | tr \ "PYFGCRLAOEUIDHTNQJKXBMpyfgcrlaoeuidhtnqjkxbm~{}\"<>?+|S_:WVZ`[]\',./=\s-;wvz" \ "RTYUIOPASDFGHJKLXCVBNMrtyuiopasdfghjklxcvbnm~_+QWE{}|:\"Z<>?`-=qwe[]\;\'z,./"
echo "These where done with"
echo "QiD being the innermost of the top one, and"
echo "DiQ being the innermost of the bottom one"
echo "Just one"
QiD "${1}"
DiQ "${1}"
echo "Reversed back to input"
DiQ $(QiD "${1}")
QiD $(DiQ "${1}")
echo "Just one after reversing back"
QiD $(DiQ $(QiD "${1}"))
DiQ $(QiD $(DiQ "${1}"))
echo "Reversed back to input twice, see a pattern?"
DiQ $(QiD $(DiQ $(QiD "${1}")))
QiD $(DiQ $(QiD $(DiQ "${1}")))
echo "At least seams to be that an equal number of each type of conversion results back to the original"
DiQ $(DiQ $(QiD $(QiD "${1}")))
QiD $(QiD $(DiQ $(DiQ "${1}")))

p.s. Is there a better way to put bash scripts in this forum?, comments were becoming big and bold.


  • Bryan Ritter

    Bryan Ritter - 2014-07-03

    "#2761 DVORAK keyboard mode with the keyboard layout already it DVORAK"
    Looks like I messed up the title again, should be 'n' instead of 't'.
    (I could use a new keyboard, LOL) This forum doesn't allow me to edit this.

  • Bryan Ritter

    Bryan Ritter - 2014-07-03

    Maybe this was an interpretation issue. Like two people interpreting the same phrase differently. Like it was written with the thought of asking "what layout keys physically say on them?", While I was thinking "what layout do I want?".
    My keyboard physically has QWERTY written on it, even though in software, I have it set to act like the DVORAK layout.

  • karx11erx

    karx11erx - 2014-08-27

    So if you select a QWERTY setup in D2X-XL, it works fine with a DVORAK keyboard?

    Basically you are having the choice to let the OS properly interpret DVORAK keys, or let D2X-XL do it. If both do it, it's like a double negation.

    Last edit: karx11erx 2014-08-27

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