#2656 erratic guidebot

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D2X-XL is really great, with one exception: the guidebot is a mess in many missions, for example "bahagad":

(1) it gets lost easily and it's not coming anymore if there is some distance between us. I have to go searching for it and be very careful when I move to a new area to have the guidebot close to me

(2) it doesn't take me to the keys or anything else behind forcefields or other barriers, not even in the area where they are, or at least to the locked door that opens with the key I found most recently; for example, if I find the blue key and the yellow is inaccesible, at least the guidebot should take me to the blue door

(3) it freezes in different places for up to 30 seconds or moves back and forth quickly for a long time

(4) when i ask it to take me to an energy center and we get there, the game crashes

I tried dxx rebirth with the same maps to see how is the guidebot doing there, and it's much better, it never gets lost and sometimes it knows to take me to the appropriate area even if the next key/reactor/boss are not accesible yet. D2X-XL is overall better than rebirth, but the guidebot has serious issues.


  • iepy

    iepy - 2012-10-28
    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • iepy

    iepy - 2012-10-28
    • assigned_to: nobody --> aus-red-5
  • Jaroslav Mazurak

    The guidebot is nice but almost useless most time. :)

  • karx11erx

    karx11erx - 2015-07-05
    • Priority: 9 --> 3
  • karx11erx

    karx11erx - 2015-07-05

    Setting the priority is up to the dev.

    Only noobs need the guidebot. For the rest, it is a nuisance. :P

    Last edit: karx11erx 2015-07-05

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