#2626 Cannot Shoot Through Force Field on Level 3 To Get Red Key

Gameplay (483)

I cannot shoot through the force field on level 3 to get the red key. I generally play with high res models and textures but have also tested this with none of those added in (just the base game files). I have tried clearing out both the D2X-XL Caches in the home/Library/Caches as well as the .bin files from the models folder. This issue occurs in level 2 with the grate protecting the key. I have a gameplay video of the bug as well if it would help but it's 7M so too large for SF. Thanks.


  • Michael Szebenyi

    Save Game for Repro of Bug

  • descentcrazy (Benjamin)

    Didn't check Level 2 (there's no key protected by a grate in that level, only the red by another force field), but the force field on Level 3 appears to work fine for me (nothing hires turned on).

  • Michael Szebenyi

    Is there any debug logging I can turn on to get you more info on the collision detection (you're right, it was another FF on L2).

  • descentcrazy (Benjamin)

    AFAIK -printlog is all, but I'm not sure at all.

  • karx11erx

    karx11erx - 2014-06-16
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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