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Release 0.03.01

A new release! unstable-0.03.01 is done.

In this release, D-Rose now lets you add stations from within the RailEditor (and no longer lets you add them from the map). There have also been a few internal changes to make life more sane going forward.

Posted by David Jaquay 2006-09-06

Release 0.03.00

This version adds a Rail Editor, accessible by right clicking on a rail line on the map. The Rail Editor lets you configure tracks and crossovers on a rail line.

While the Rail Editor is about where I think it should be for this release, it's not connected to anything else. In particular, trains still run through each other, ghost-like, but now that you can add sidings, etc., we'll be doing a simple dispatcher and collision detection before the next stable release.

Posted by David Jaquay 2005-11-18

Release 0.02.00

Well, we made it to a stable release. You can now watch your scheduled trains make their way from point A to point B, leaving the station at the scheduled time.


Posted by David Jaquay 2003-12-17

Release 0.01.03

Added scheduling of trains, and display of the schedule list. (Which wound up requiring a lot more support code that I had thought, hence the delay between .02 and .03. Yes, I'm still writing D-Rose.)

Posted by David Jaquay 2003-08-05

Release 0.01.02

Added generation and display of city names.

Posted by David Jaquay 2003-05-19

Release 0.01.01

Added ability to add stations. Another little notch on the belt.

Posted by David Jaquay 2003-05-09

Release 0.01.00

Our very first release. Doesn't do much, except generate some cities and let you connect them with rail lines, but we're releasing early, releasing often, so expect more shortly.

Posted by David Jaquay 2003-04-19