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Today we will install first server in our "data center". Probably we will configure it today but to Saturday we will not make anything more.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-12

New tasks

A lot of new ideas.
To 1st July we will concantrate on the best CMS, after we will concantrate choosing the best solutions for datacenter. At last we will made hosting control panel (not only webhosting). Later we will write some PHP scripts (modules for cms and standalone scripts). In the meantime we will speculate about hosting control panel and we will testing our datacenter solutions.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-08

Welcome back

It is time to respawn project. New targets, new experience, fresh blood :).
We will concentrate on typical WWW aplications but not only. We have got ideas for new P2P network, data center and hosting managment software.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-08

Home page

We have just made new CZAJERNIAs Home page. Now it is really poor but we are working on it.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-06-17


From today(13-06-2006) CZ@JERNIAs BOOK have got two concurrent versions - CZ@JERNIAs DESIGNED BOOK, and CZ@JERNIAs BASIC BOOK. The only difference is sheet css and background (in basic version there are not this parts). CZ@JERNIAs FORUM will come soon, I promise.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-06-13


The project's been started.. Hope that it'll not be dead :D:D:D

Posted by Anonymous 2006-04-17