Cytadela 0.9 finally released

At last, after several years of development, I can finally announce a fully playable conversion of the great Amiga game, Cytadela! This version, 0.9, brings all the levels of the original version with all in-game features.

Some other notable changes are:
* the game finally works on big-endian systems (many thanks to Tomasz Wiśniewski for his help with testing the big-endian support)
* two info screens showing information about in-game controllers, created by Marcin 'Senkal' Sękalski (the screens are displayed before training levels)
* WASD keys as alternative keys for walking (forward/backward and strafe left/right)

The full list of changes is available at:

As always, the game can be downloaded as a source code and as compiled binaries. However, this time the Debian packages will be available some time later.

The final version, 1.0, will bring just fixes of bugs found in 0.9 and perhaps some minor improvements.

Posted by Tomek Kaźmierczak 2013-01-14

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