A new version is here!

Good news! The Citadel is getting ready for enemies' arrival, as in the newly released version, 0.7, the player at last can make use of his weapons! You can see their destructive power already, as some objects in the game are destroyable, so don't wait any longer and download the newest version!
You can find it at:

There is another good news for all those who speak French - thanks to Patrick David you can enjoy the game in your native language! Moreover, Patrick has also translated the documentation (the translated versions of the documentation are available along with the game).

And one more thing. Some of you already know that the Free Software Foundation has finally published the third version of their GNU General Public License. I also haven't missed the fact and the version 0.7 of Cytadela is distributed under this new license.

If you would like to know more about what has been changed since the last release of the game, see the change log at:

Posted by Tomek Ka┼║mierczak 2013-01-14

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