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  • Kane

    Kane - 2008-05-27

    As this is not a bug per se, I created a new thread for things like this.

    Although in the oryginal movement was quite slow, here it is annoyingly slow. By default it could be 2-3 times faster. In fact you can adjust mouse movement in the menu but it works only on rotation (which it should not affect as 10x rotation speed makes the game not playable) and not on forward/backward movement speeed (at least not when using LMB).

    So the suggested changes would be to set the default speed to 3x, but this change should only affect forwards/backwards movement.


    • Tomek Kaźmierczak

      The mouse speed settings affect only the mouse rotations because the actual in-game mouse rotation speed depends on the physical device properties (dpi of the mouse laser, etc) and as these vary over systems, user needs to have an ability to adjust the mouse rotation speed to fit his/her hardware.

      In the options there are also "game speed settings" and this is used to adjust, among other things, the speed of the player's movement. This option is called "game speed" because the setting affects all the game - besides the player's movement speed, the enemies speed and the finite-velocity ammo's speed is also affected.
      It can be set up to 200% of the nominal speed, and some testers told me that this is quite good value. Could you check if increasing the game speed makes it playable enough? You don't have to do it in the options menu - the game speed settings can be altered during the game-play, using the "Numpad +" and "Numpad -" keys. The mouse rotation speed also can be set in-game - the keys are [ and ].

      But on the other hand, this is true that the initial game speed settings are quite bad. In the upcoming release I've changed the default settings to 150%, but this will affect only fresh installs, as the game speed settings are stored in game's configuration file.
      Dropping the ability to set the game speed and setting it to some certain value would also be a solution, but I would have to know opinions of several testers on what's the optimal speed setting.


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