Problem with running game

Peter 1
  • Peter 1

    Peter 1 - 2010-06-03

    Hi, i have problem: i download cytadela and run it under Win Xp but it runs very slow . I hand Pentium 4 2,4 ghz and 500 mb ram, geforce MX 440 64 mb.  could you help me?

  • Tomek Kaźmierczak

    It's most probably the graphics card - geforce mx 440 is quite old piece of hardware. You can try installing the newest drivers for your card (and make sure those drivers support hardware accelerated OpenGL), but unfortunately I don't think this will help much.

  • Peter 1

    Peter 1 - 2010-06-06

    Well you're right it is old piece of hardware, but i think its enough for that kind game. I will try what you say: install newest graphics drivers. And i have another question. Maybe my problem is becouse i have Win xp SP2, maybe i need SP3. What do you think that could help?

  • Tomek Kaźmierczak

    For that kind of game maybe it would be enough, but this particular game uses 3D features of a graphics card very intensively - there is a lot of 3D objects, many of which use transformations (rotation and translation in every frame), transparency  (which involves usage of stencil buffer for some objects and sorting for every object, though sorting is done by CPU, not by GPU), trilinear filtering of textures, fog and even accumulation buffer in some circumstances (when using teleports - this is particularly slow if the card doesn't have a hardware accumulation buffer, and your card doesn't have one and OpenGL has to use CPU for this instead).
    Even on GeForce 6 when playing very large levels (sewers, for example) the game was running quite slow (~15fps). As far as I remember, the GPU of GeForce MX 440 comes from the second generation of the card's series (GeForce 2), so it's really an issue of the graphics card, unfortunately.


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