Cynapse - 2009-10-30

**The new version 3 is finally here and we are excited to announce its public availability.** v3 brings with it great new features, tons of fixes and performance improvements and an all new user interface.

Some of the highlights of v3 are:

1. 3 new applications added to the collaborative suite to facilitate rapid knowledge sharing: Discussion Boards, Video and Audio Streaming
2. Faceted Search and Filtering - speed up information retrieval and allow users to filter down quickly to the answers they need
3. Crowd ratings so you can encourage conversations and capture ideas
4. Customizable Spaces so you can concentrate on what is important to you

and lots more.

See the v3 release blog post here:

The Cynapse Community powered by, is available for you to register and access documentation, requests features for and discuss problems and usage scenarios. We will no longer be providing support here. Please do register in the Cynapse community to interact with the team and get support.

With the release of v3, we are also making the SVN available via the Cynapse Open Developer Network. You can now browse the repository, checkout the SVN and develop and extend The Cynapse ODN also enables you to report and discuss bugs.

In the true spirit of open source, we invite you all to the Cynapse community, get an in-depth view of v3, share your invaluable feedback and participate in the development of

**Register here: **

Hope to see you there!

**- The Cynapse Team**