• Muks

    Muks - 2009-06-21


    Will it be possible to upgrade the vmware image or source code build (whenever the new version will be released)?
    I want to try community edition. Do you recommend vmware image or source code? I am comfortable with either platform (XP/Debian).


    • Dhiraj Gupta

      Dhiraj Gupta - 2009-06-21

      Hi Muks,

      Thanks for trying out :)

      The vmware appliance can be updated manually. Have a look in the sourceforge community documentation wiki for detailed documentation on how to do that.

      The source code can also be easily used to upgrade - some would consider it easier. But you need to have some linux know-how. If you're comfortable with basic commandline stuff in Debian then I would recommend source - it's a breeze if you follow the instructions in the Readme.

      Windows XP (or any version for that matter) is not supported for server native running.

      Dhiraj Gupta.

    • Muks

      Muks - 2009-06-23

      Hi Dhiraj,

      I am quite familiar with linux and I work on Debian. I would like to install using source code , as you recommend. However, I couldn't find the documentation on upgrade in sourceforge community documentation wiki. Can you provide me the link.

      Also, in the video (embedded on the website) you've demonstrated how to install using vmare image. Do you  or any communitiy member have any such video for installation using source code.

      Thanks for the quick response.


      P.S: I am waiting for you response here too (


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