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cygport now in CVS

Sources for the cygport package building tool are now available in CVS:

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2006-06-15

New mailing list; all trackers closed

I've closed all trackers, since I wasn't following them anyway, and I've made a mailing list instead. I plan to announce new uploads there, and that is the place to raise issues with packages.

I have a TON of packages ready to upload, including major parts of the GNOME 2.8 and Xfce 4.0.6 desktops, and as soon as administrative issues are handled and I've posted everything I'll announce it on the list.

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-10-29

Gnome *2.6* packages now on cygwin-ports

glib2 and gtk2-x11 2.4.x have been added to the Cygwin distribution, so now other Gnome 2.6 libraries, language bindings (perl, python, ruby, tcl), and a few programs are now available at the cygwin-ports project, together with numerous other packages.

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-07-26

SDL, other new packages at Cygwin Ports

I've just uploaded a bunch of packages, including current versions of SDL, SDL_gfx, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_net, SDL_ttf, smpeg, SDL_Perl, and pygame. A few pygame-based games have also been uploaded.

Look also for a new version of FOX, some more perl, python, and ruby modules, and coming soon: wxWidgets.

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-06-15

Gnome 2.4 packages now on cygwin-gnome2

I've ported recently a number of libraries, bindings, and eventually applications. To keep this project manageable, I've created a new cygwin-gnome2 project exclusively for Gnome 2.4 packages. (You'll need glib-2.x and gtk+-2.2 from the CyGnome2 project to run them.)

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-04-30

ClamAV port for Cygwin environment available

Binary ports of recent versions of ClamAV for the Cygwin environment are now available from the cygwin-ports project page. The perl binding Mail::ClamAV is also available there. The Cygwin Ports project provides an assortment of open-source programs built for Cygwin that aren't yet available with the official net release, and information on building and packaging software for Cygwin.

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-04-23

Gtk2-Perl packages for Cygwin

The following packages from the Gtk2-Perl project are now available for Cygwin on the Cygwin-ports project page:


Also, Gtk2::PodViewer-0.06 is available, based on Glib and Gtk2, with its other dependencies (IO::stringy and Parse::RecDescent).

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-04-23

Several Perl modules available for Cygwin.

The following Perl modules and bundles are now available at the cygwin-ports project:

Curses 1.06
HTML::Parser 3.35
HTML::Tagset 3.03
Locale::gettext 1.01
Term::Animation 1.0
URI 1.29
Weather::Underground 2.14
libwww-perl 5.76

Also available is weatherspect-1.1, which depends on most of these modules.

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-01-30

New packages available on Cygwin-Ports

Added packages for:
tttadv-2.0-1 (Tic-Tac-Toe with different rules)
snownews-1.4.4-1 (RSS news reader)

am-10.8b-1 (upstream code modifications)

These and more than 40 packages pre-built for Cygwin are now available at cygwin-ports.

Posted by Yaakov Selkowitz 2004-01-26

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