the way I install cygwin is as follow:

1. download setup.exe from cygwin main website and install as usual. (I just make sure that bash(shell section) and wget (web section) are select to be installed)
2. after finishing setup.exe, I run the cygwin shortcut in my desktop to init cygwin.
3. at this point, you should have a bash shell running when you run the cygwin shortcut in the desktop.
4. download apt-cyg from google code website as this (here is the reason you must install wget):
       cd /bin
       chmod a+x apt-cyg

5. now you should have  apt-cyg installed, which will allow you to download and install cygwin AND cygports packages from the shell.
6. to test, try:
       apt-cyg -m find openexr

that should list some openexr packages that are only availave trough cygports.
a quick crash course on apt-cyg:

   apt-cyg -m <repository url> - sets the repository you wanna use.
   apt-cyg find - finds a package
   apt-cyg install <package name> - install a package
   apt-cyg remove <package> - removes a package

type apt-cyg for all the options...

personally, I like to setup some aliases to quickly install cygwin and cygports packages easily. You can set these in your ".bashrc" file so they will be available in every new shell windows you open.

alias apt-cyg='apt-cyg -m'
alias apt-cygports='apt-cyg -m'

this way, apt-cyg install will install standard cygwin packages and apt-cyports install will install only cygports packages.

one last thing... do yourself a favor and after you get this up and running, run this:

apt-cyg install mintty

that installs mintty terminal... mintty is a terminal application that runs standalone in windows and gives you all the benefits of a linux terminal... soooooooooooooooooo much better than using standard windows command prompt as a shell...

to run, just point your explorer to c:/cygwin/bin/ folder and double click mintty...

This setup works great for me so far... I hope it works for you...

have a good one...


On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Alfred Tascon <> wrote:
I am new to cygwin ports and semi new to cygwin and having trouble installing cygwin port packages.

Apologies if there is an FAQ somewhere but could not find it.  Nor could I find any messages in this mail archive regarding this.

I tried to follow the instructions on the main cygwin ports page but i found them a bit terse.
What I dont understad about it is how can i "From a Cygwin shell, run this command:", when I havent installed cygwin yet?  All I have done is downloaded the packages I am interested in at that point.

Also I am assuming that when I launch the first setup.exe instance that it runs thru to its finish before I launch the second setup.exe; that is I dont have setup.exe running TWICE - one just runs normal and then I run a second instance with the -X flag.

Please if someone could help be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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