I discovered Cygwin recently and thought it might make my life on a Windows based system a little more interesting in that I could  actually write a few scripts to do a few useful bits and bobs. I have close on 20 years experience of using Unix and Linux in my workplace, albeit not as someone who installed software and configured systems etc, just someone who used it for writing code and doing day to day tasks.

The problem? I'm having a nightmare trying to get KDE to run on Cygwin. Despite installing X11 and every KDE package in the KDE dropdown available to me when I run setup.exe, I don't seem to get a startkde file anywhere in any directory (I have looked hard, I promise!) and can't fire up KDE. X11 is installed and startx works and fires up a very old fashioned Xwindow type system which looks like what I used back in 1995. Have I missed out on installing something which isn't in the KDE or X11 dropdowns which is vital? Or should my approach work and has something just gone wrong in the install process? Hints and advice would be very welcome- I'm on the verge of giving up!

Many thanks