Hello all,

I'm here to make a simple "feature request", not really a feature, but something that will greatly improve my cygwin ports packages installation.

Every once in a while, new and updated packages are announced and listed.   I, for one, have no real use of the updated packages listing, either they are installed already, in which case setup will update them automatically, or they are not installed, which means I have a reason for not installing (or I don't have a reason for installing), which is not going to change because of the update.

I understand it's good to list the updated packages too.   But may I ask to highlight the *new* packages in the list?  such as:

*bmake                                              20110622-1
curl                                               7.21.7-1
dbus                                               1.4.12-1

or just list them separately.

                                                                           any response will be greatly appreciated, thanks.