I've being trying to make KDE works with Cygwin in a Windows XP box but I'm having problems.
Whenever I tried, I received the following message:

"Could not start kdestartupconfig. Check your installation".

After some search in Google, I got some directions, but not of them worked. This one is the most complete procedure that I founded:

But this does not work too:

$ kstartupconfig.exe || echo $?

I already checked the sourcecode of kstartupconfig program, but I'm not a C programmer. As far as I could understand from the program, is just a matter to search for the startupconfigkeys and execute another program with system(kdostartupconfig). Manipulating environment variables ($HOME and $KDEHOME) and running the command mannually didn't helped either.

I running the last versions of Cygwin and KDE package.

Thanks in advance.


Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior
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