OK Guys,
    I see that the gnome2 project has been abandoned and it doesn't surprise me much. I'm not real happy about having to be the one to throw my hat in the ring, but, I know (just from reading this mailing list) that I'm probably the one who is most qualified to pick it up.
   So that anyone who has an interest in this will know, here's a brief of my experience with the project and why I am qualified to take on the task(insert sigh here). I have built Gnome on windows successfully several times on both 2000 and XP using the packages and patches previously supplied (with minor modifications). I am familiar with the problems that arise when doing so (the ICEUnix thing in particular and the failure of Sawfish more generally). Also, I know that the install script never worked for anyone except the previous maintainer, because it was configured for his system which did not conform to filenaming conventions. Most particularly, it has always been a lifelong goal of mine to mount a chrome plated turbocharger on a moped engine, and that's why I'm qualified.
   Moving right along. I will endeavor to rework the patches to meet current packages. I have not even looked @ the current distro of Gnome and so I will only conjecture that I will make it work with Gnome 2 although I will keep an eye towards recent development. This will probably take quite some time working alone (insert another sigh). When I have something workable I will post it.
    In the meantime, any assistance anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. I will be monitoring this mailing list (I don't promise speedy responses). As everyone else, I ask that posts/questions be coherent and relevant to the thread. More specifically, posts about setup.exe do not belong here, they should be posted to the general Cygwin mailing list if you would like a response from Mr. Campbell ( and no Richard, I never did find the reason for the VB 6 coredump). In that regard there's a lot of problems/suggestions that I could make (most particularly concerning assuming user ignorance, no offense (that's Microsoft's forte I think)) in that regard, but it doesn't belong here, so don't post it.
   This is all assuming that I can find a working set of the old patches coz I aint got time to do it from scratch, I do have a life (ok that was a lie).....