Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
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Luke Stras wrote:
I'm trying to compile NumPy [1], and am running into a problem: I'm
getting undefined references to fetestexcept, feclearexcept, and
feraisexcept.  These are normally defined in fenv.h.

Right, but <fenv.h> is not provided by newlib.
Any ideas as to what I can do to solve this?  Has anyone else
successfully built a Cygwin NumPy?

Try this:


This package is provided by the Cygwin Ports project, and is not
supported here.  I have set the reply-to to the cygwin-ports-general list

It is the NumPy version 1.0b1 that requires feclearexcept.  Apparently SciPy requires NumPy version 1.0b1 or greater.
Is feclearexcept something that cygwin will add ?