Final(?) update

Hi, all friends

I made a update to cygnome-1.4 package repository. Perhaps this update
perhaps is the final one. As we're heading to GNOME2, it seems that
there's nothing more we want to do with it.

This time there isn't too many new package release(except gvim-6.2 and
a little change to startgnome). I just re-uploaded some packages to the
installation repository (
These packages were released on the project's Files page
but Due to some reason (e.g some packages are too big) was no uploaded
to repository, thus kept not available for direct access from Cygwin setup.

* deleted some old releases to make room
* Fixed a bug in startgnome (thanks Brian Fennell)
* New: gvim-6.2-3, actually built on Aug, 2003
* uploaded some big packages
- gnumeric-1.0.9
- anjuta-1.0.1
- gimp-1.2.3
* uploaded packages released after 2003/05/01, including:
- gtk+ updated to 1.2.10-20, which enabled X_LOCALE
- mah-jong 1.5.6
- d4x 1.30
- gtk-engines-extra 20030829
- gtk-themes-extra 20030829
- sylpheed-claws 0.9.6 and sylpheed-iconset-20030923
- gnome-commander 1.0.1
* some other packages
- gnome-python-1.4.1-5 (made for python-2.2)
- glimmer-1.0.1 and 1.2.1, the former needs pygtk
- xmms-1.2.7
* and some special packages
- psmisc-20.2 (killall)
- mc-4.5.55 (prefix=/usr/local, statically against glib,
but it support subshell and smbfs)
- wmaker-0.80.0 (prefix=/usr/local,
but XIM and GNOME hint support was enabled)
- libungif-4.1.0-9b1 (built before libtool age,
our wmaker needs it)

Posted by Yang Guilong 2004-05-22

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