Some updates in recent days

We have gtk+-1.2.10 rebuilt, this time X_LOCALE are forced.
Also the Ximian's enhancement for the file selector (navigation buttons for $HOME, ~/.gnome-desktop, ~/Documents) is merged in.

Sylpheed-claws updated to new main upstream release.
As aspell now is a official cygwin package, this time we enabled aspell support.
If you're still using cygwin-1.3 series, you can use the package we provided,
it's just a rebuild on cygwin-1.3.
And widechar support issue is fixed in the Cygwin port.

A new application for Cygwin GNOME, but the Cygwin port is not stable enough.
Downloader for X, a FTP/HTTP download manager for X window system

A new game for Cygwin GNOME.
Mah-jong: The original Mah-Jong game
Keep in mind that the original Mah-Jong game has nothing to do with the well-known solitaire game.

Posted by Yang Guilong 2003-11-13

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