New: xmms-1.2.7

Hi, guys!

I think we want not only some developer's libraries for Cygwin,
but some interesting stuffs. Here somes xmms-1.2.7.

It was built on Win2000 SP2, cygwin-1.3.20, with gcc-3.2-3, gettext-0.11.5-1,
binutils-20030307-1, libtool-20020705-1, libtool-devel-20030216,
and Cygwin GNOME 1.4 Beta2 (glib-1.2.10-9, gtk+-1.2.10-19, esound-0.2.29-9).

XMMS applet for GNOME panel also provided.
Three addtional skins packed in: BrushedMetal, GTK+ and XawMMS.

The CD and joystick plugin could not built.

There're 4 packages provided: xmms, xmms-inputs, xmms-plugins-extra and xmms-ski

Ogg Vorbis, Mikmod, MP3 input plugin are provided in xmms-inputs package.
Note that for patent consideration, MP3 plugin no longer presented in the latest
the mp3 plugin provided here is built from an older source package.

All additinal skins are extracted from RedHat 7.3's xmms-1.2.7.src.rpm.
The input plugins (except mad) are built from xmms-1.2.7 source code.
Other plugins are built from Debian source packages.

Known Issues:
- Sometimes, the esound output would refuse to work, due to the rebase issue, es
p. when the system is on heavy load and/or you installed too much plugins.
- When OSS output plugin is used, xmms won't automatically jump to the next song
when one is over.

Download: (it lies in the Games/Amusement section)

Screen shots:

Posted by Yang Guilong 2003-04-04

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