New: gcvs-1.0a7

Hi, guys!

I've built and uploaded gcvs-1.0a7 for Cygwin GNOME.

The gcvs package contains an interface for cvs written in C++ using
gtk+. It contains a version of cvs modified for communication
purposes with gcvs. gcvs is part of a bigger project named CvsGui
which provides several graphical clients on Mac and Windows as well.

Built on cygwin-1.3.20, with gcc-3.2-3, binutils-20021107
and Cygwin GNOME 1.4 Beta2.
Not yet tested on other configuration.

But TCL scripting support is disabled, thus shell and macros features are not av
(There're problems when building with TCL 8.4, and early versions of
Cygwin tcl/tk doesn't understand Cygwin paths well.)

As the latest release of gcvs is 1.0-stable, this port is a little obsolete.
I'll build gcvs-1.0 ASAP, and try to enable the TCP support.

Gcvs Homepage:
Download (source and binary):
or (available for Cygwin setup)

Posted by Yang Guilong 2003-03-31

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