Dave Furstenau - 2004-07-20

CygGnome's gorgeous, but runs a bit too sluggish on my system (a purdy nice one, btw).  So does KDE-Cygwin, so I can't complain.  Besides, I realize that the focus was on getting a stable version up and running before concentrating on performance.

Nonetheless, I got to ask if there's ANYTHING I can do to squeeze a bit more speed out of it. 

Also, I wonder if someone could elaborate on the following comment (from the CygGnome home page) by Steve O'Brien:

"If you strip all the .exes and .dlls to reduce their size, then the system now feels quite fast in use (I run a 800MHz Pentium 3 laptop with 256Mb memory). Startup and shutdown still take around 20-25 seconds each though."

Aren't files already stripped by their respective maintainers before being made available?