lahelper on cygnome

  • Gharti

    Gharti - 2004-04-21

    Dear all,
    I successfully compiled the lahelper on cygnome, but it crashed while trying to run, with the message 'segmentation fault'. I would be grateful for your suggestions/hints.

    • Yang Guilong

      Yang Guilong - 2004-04-23

      Cygnome-1.4 are built ages ago, on cygwin-1.3.x/xfree86-4.2 serials and the libraries at that time.
      Although most stuff runs OK on current platform, but I think maybe it's problematic to build applications with new libraries.

      Maybe this sunday I can have a try,
      (I kept an old installation for building cygnome-1.4 stuff.)
      Does LaHelper need latex? Where can I find cygiwn port of latex?
      (But I'm working on GNOME libraries these days, I can't promise I have enough time for this, :-( )

    • Gharti

      Gharti - 2004-04-26

      Thank you very much for your information. In fact lahelper needs LaTex and it has been ncluded as an integrated package in cygwin, thus can be installed with  cygwin installer.


      • Yang Guilong

        Yang Guilong - 2004-04-26

        You mean tetex?
        I didn't found latex in the official repository.

    • Yang Guilong

      Yang Guilong - 2004-04-26

      Failed either.

      Gdb shows it crashes on function read_lahelper_file() in read_files.c. The deep reason is under investigation.

      BTW: it sucks to have so many xpm files with the same name that only differs in cases (such as Alpha.xpm and alpha.xpm etc) :-(

    • Gharti

      Gharti - 2004-04-29

      But I had compiled changing those file names everywhere as cygwin is unable to distinguish the case.


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