latiffs - 2004-03-07

Hey guys i am a total newbie! I heard about Gnome and i really liked it's programs. So i got the cygwin Gnome. I installed all the packages on my cygwin/x. But when i ran it! Everything went smoth at first! It said it was loading stuff! So i waited! I could not see the panel! So i checked my Bash to see whats wrong! It said "Gtk-CIRTICAL **: file gtkmain.c: line 598(gtk_main_quit):assertion 'main_loops != NULL' failed"
Then is said " The Gnome Panel is not running. The Gnome panel is not running." So how do i fix this! I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE TO WINDOWMANGER. I like GNOME and i want to know if anyone can help me! Do i have to change the code myself? And f so where can i find this file(i know a bit of C and i am learning C++)