a problem when start gnome

  • laser

    laser - 2003-02-16

    I installed cygwin and gnome  as the instructions in this website. Then I run ``configure" and ``make install" in directory ``startgnome-0.5" in cygwin.

    Now I can run X-windows by typing ``XWin" and ``startx". However, I can not run gnome. Here is the output of I got (I use windows 2000, FAT32 file system). Who can tell me what is wrong? Thanks.

    $ startgnome
    starting gnome on display :0

    exec: gnome-session: not found

    waiting for X server to shut down .

    Shutdown error: Failed to contact configuration server (a likely cause of this is that you have an existing configuration server (gconfd) running, but it isn't
    reachable from here - if you're logged in from two machines at once, you may need to enable TCP networking for ORBit)

    • Amine Bizid

      Amine Bizid - 2003-02-16

      u download all gnome files from here to root directory.
      bzip2 -d
      tar xvf
      add /opt/gnome/bin in ur path (/etc/profile)

      finally can start gnome dowing this :
      xinit /opt/gnome/bin/gnome-session

    • Yang Guilong

      Yang Guilong - 2003-02-18

      Chances are that gnome-core package is not installed or /opt/gnome/bin is not added to PATH

    • laser

      laser - 2003-02-19

      Thanks. The gnome-core package is not installed .I have fixed it.  But the  ``Cygwin Gnome 1.4 Binary Packages" in this web site does not mention this package. Only 3 packages are mentioned:

      *  Package startgnome
      *  Package cygnome-libs
      *  Package cygnome-apps

      You'd better fix the web page.


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