Gnome 2.0?

  • Robert Eppig

    Robert Eppig - 2003-02-24

    Hi all!

    Beside the important task of making Gnome 1.4 available for a wider community, stabilizing it and porting more applications to cygnome, I would like to get the spread work on CyGnome-2 somewhere consolidated. Most current apps need in the meantime this environment. I would not like to lose contact to this current releases.
    In the newsgroups you can sometimes found messages from people trying to get the libraries for Gnome-2 compiled for cygwin. What I'm missing is a good synchronization of this work. What I think about is the package list taken from
    with the current porting status and the consolidated patches. E.g. there is a very good patch available for one of the hardest nuts glib-2 made by Charles Wilson at . But this patch is not easily found for download!

    What are you thinking about such a list?

    • Yang Guilong

      Yang Guilong - 2003-02-24

      As to I know, glib2 and gtk2 (hence atk and pango) has good better support for Windows, but much efforts are made the native version taking mingw as porting tool.

      Libtool made such a big progress on Cygwin that it is more easy to build DLLs on it.

      And I tried that list, but stumbled at scorllkeeper, which requires openjade and docbook to work. 

      David Huang(one of our developer) also succeed in building glib-2.0.6.


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