I have successfully run CyGNOME on WeirdX !!!

Biju G. C.
  • Biju G. C.

    Biju G. C. - 2003-03-20

    Please see the screenshots at http://cygnome.sourceforge.net/weirdx/

    WeirdX is an X Window System server in pure Java under GNU GPL.
    ( http://www.jcraft.com/weirdx/ )

    You can download the jar file from
    And run it on any platforms which support Java 1.1

    Or you can launch it from your web browser as an applet from
    This site also provide a form to configure different options.
    As it is an applet and need to access ports to listen connection u have to modify java.policy file
    Settings are given at http://wiredx.net/howto.php?howto=wiredx#grant

    We can use Wiredx to give CyGNOME/Cygwin demonstration to others. If they have java installed, they will be able to see/use CyGNOME with out even installing Cygwin.

    By using WeirdX, I am able to run CyGNOME from any PC on the network.  Cygwin/CyGNOME is only installed on one PC on our network.
    The performance I was able to achieve on network (100T) was very good.
    And I feel performance will be OK over a DSL line.

    The screen shots at http://cygnome.sourceforge.net/weirdx/ are taken form another computer on the network.

    I have two issue now.
    1) Window manager is not stable. It shuts down occasionally. So I have to restart it.

    2) I was not successful to connect to my CyGNOME PC using WiredMind, a SSH1 client for java-enabled web browser (http://www.tam.cornell.edu/Computer/remoteaccess/weirdmind/)
    So I have to go to CyGNOME PC to start the first instance of  window manager or bash or gmc, so that I can work on WeirdX.
    For this I have made a DOS bat file weirdx.bat.
    ( http://cygnome.sourceforge.net/weirdx/weirdx.bat )
    weirdx.bat will optionally takes two argument.
    First one the name or ip address of the PC running WeirdX applet.
    Second argument is the display number.

    If you dont give display number it will be defaulted as 2.0
    If you dont give any argument DISPLAY will be set to "localhost:2.0"

    Please see usage examples at the end of weirdx.bat.
    You may have to modify the PATH variable if Cygwin is installed at a different dir than C:\Cygwin

    CyGNOME bringing *nix to MS-Win32 users
    Visit http://cygnome.sourceforge.net/

    • Biju G. C.

      Biju G. C. - 2003-03-30

      Finaly I was able to run SSHD under Cygwin.
      Now I am able to remotely do ssh to the cygwin PC

      I used WiredMind to do ssh, so no need to install any software on the client PC.

      PS: The problem earlier I faced was due to a wrong cygwin1.dll installed by Check Point VPN

        $ cygcheck -s -v
      to check versions of software installed under cygwin


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