• Anonymous - 2002-12-18

    Cygnome is great!  I finally got it up and running, and I'm happy as anything to have a desktop almost identical to my linux one on windows.

    I'd like to get some other people started on this, but I'm not sure that they're interested in ALL the packages... so I was wondering - what are the bare basic packages needed to run gnome?  just the core libs?  Are the i18n libs required?

    • Yang Guilong

      Yang Guilong - 2002-12-19

      Sorry for the lack of documentations.

      If you only want to <b>run</b> applications built on GTK+/GNOME, the all-in-one convenience package <em>cygnome-libs</em> is enough.

      And control-center is needed to perform some configuration.
      Gtk-engine is needed for a more beautiful look and feel. control-center is also needed to choose a theme ( except that you'd like to edit ~/.gtkrc by your own).

      You need package -devel to build GTK+/GNOME based application by your own.

      i18n packages are only needed when you want to see text of menus, captions, labels in other languages, such as Italy, Chinese etc.

    • Anonymous - 2002-12-21

      Hey everybody! Whaass up?!
      I just wanted to thank everyone involved in this cygnome project! It's GREAT!
      I've got the Gnome Desktop up and running with all the games and utilities!
      The only thing I can't do is get on the internet. I have a cable modem...Is that the problem? Is it the IP address?
      I also have KDE setup and with that I CAN get on the internet...Can anyone help?
      Hey guys...Keep up the good work! It's great to have GNOME on top of Windows! Take care...


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