How to run gnome in full screen mode?

  • laser

    laser - 2003-02-16

    How to run gnome in full screen mode? The default mode is in a window.


    • Yang Guilong

      Yang Guilong - 2003-02-18

      Maybe it's better to send a mail to, asking how to make XFree86 server (or an application) run in full screen mode.

      • Elliott Wilcoxon

        Actually, you should head over to -> Mailing Lists, and make use of their search function first.

    • laser

      laser - 2003-02-19

      I know how to run X server in fullscreen mode. i.e.,
      XWin -fullscreen

      But when I type ``XWin -fullscreen &'' and ``startgnome &",
      the X server is closed and started again.
      I don't know how to deal with it.

      can you tell me how gnome works?

      • Yang Guilong

        Yang Guilong - 2003-02-20

        Read startgnome.bat or /opt/gnome/bin/startgnome, then you'll know why the X server starts again.

        You can issue command 'gnome-session &'  after you used XWin -fullscreen.

    • Elliott Wilcoxon

      There are two options, both involve making a .xserverrc file in your home directory.  There are two ways to get a fullscreen window:
      -fullscreen, which makes a new window that's fullscreen, and AFAIK requires you to do an Alt-Tab to change to another Windows window.

      -nodecoration, which creates a new window without the bar at the top, or border

      To use these options, put the following in ~/.xserverrc

      X -fullscreen :0

      Replace -fullscreen with -nodecoration depending on which option you want.  For my own needs, I prefer -nodecoration over fullscreen, but I recommend anyone who wants a full-screen X session to try both out.


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