#7 Why does setup.exe come without kde and gnome?on mirrors?


try the newest cygnus setup.exe program and add the
gnome install link into it, it seems to work ok for me but
gnome and kde are not in the setup.exe mirrors why?
you have to add mirrors for them why don't the mirrors
come with kde and gnome? it seems dumb that their
provide linux without the best working shells?why?

is their a default mirror that comes with the newest
stable versions of kde and gnome? is gnome 2.3 stabler
than 2.2? why does they only support 2.2 right now?
does the older 1.4 games etc.. things that 2.x versions
don't have will they work and provide thinks in the 2.x
versions to run 1.4x versions software

also is the newest netscape 7 for linux , can it be made
for the cygnus linux?, can it install and run in cygnus
linux? or does it need a patch ? how long before the
cygnus will be able to run linux without patches?like for
example when will it be close to 100% compatable with
linux software, like will it be possible to get say a
emulator or vmware 3.2 or 4 , or snes9x runing in
cygnus , or what about xine or videolan working in
cygnus, is that possible, or even the xdosemu program
or games like tuxracer even thou they have a windows
version I think it would be cool to run the linux version in
cygnus or some other 3D game in cygnus like for
example the Tron Racer game that Suse 8.0 had in it

I use Windows XP Pro with cygnus
I have a Geforce 4 MX 440 card, and in another
computer I have a Ati Radeon 9700 pro card which also I
have cygnus on. The ati Radeon 9700 card has
problems with the windows version of Tuxracer , the
background has lines in it that you can see with the Ati
Radeon card.This card maybe fast but compatable for
3Ds games are bad and it does not even work in a real
linux with updating the xfree86 to the 4.30 version also
when will newest stable xfree86 for cygnus be available
its current version is old already and newest is not 4.20
but 4.30 I think?


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