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Upgrade 1.3.2 released

The upgrade requires CycleAtlas version 1.3dev. If not previously installed, please download and install it before installing the upgrade.

- Added a simple raster image calibration tool
- Fixed bug locale using "," as decimal separator
- Fixed some bugs into map editor

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2004-12-15

CycleAtlas 1.3 (development) released

CycleAtlas is a cycling diary based on a custom road atlas that can display maps, profiles and route time tables of rides.
This release completes some previous missing features, like rides archive storage; basic rides data managed (date, distance, time, etc) as soon as lookup data (bike, weather, etc), with custom values. Support for km or miles units.
The 3D viewer TerrainVis, developed by Martin Barbisch, has been integrated in order to obtain 3D map views.
Some changes in the road map layer, with options for hide roads/nodes and customize route painting; options for node label alignment and for display roads using spline lines.
Added a new layer that is able to display one or more raster images, that can be added/removed at runtime.
Added a preference dialog that replaces configuration files.
It is now possible to manually set road partial distances between nodes.
Road profiles can be obtained by sampling at three different resolutions. Routes profiles can be displayed with more or less details, in order to reduce profile noise. Export profile image function added.

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2004-11-15

Version 1.2 (development) released

The archive "" contains the full distribution, including binary, source code and required library.

Windows users that have already installed version 1.1 can simply download the upgrade archive """ . This archive contains a self-extracting zip-file containing only modified filles.

Changes in this release:
- Add undo/redo support in map editor.
- Fix some bugs in map editor... read more

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2004-07-08

Version 1.1 (development) released

Changes in this release:
- Rides viewer , for manage ride archive (incomplete)
- A startup dialog, for select map editor or ride archive mode
- Import GPS track in GPX format into map editor
- fix bug in init directory for download maps
- fix bug in export road map to CycleAtlas 0.8

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2004-05-25

Version 1.0 (development) released

This release is a full reimplementation, based on the OpenMap library (, of the map viewer/editor. Some of previous missing GIS features, like
projections and layers, are now available.
Shapefiles replace user-built polygons to represent features such as country boundaries or rivers.
Elevation data are used both for display and for compute road profiles.
A layer, developed by GPSylon project ( is able to download and display raster maps from mapservers
like expedia or mapblast.
Finally, a simple route-search function is available.

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2004-01-27

Version 0.8 released

CycleAtlas is a cycling diary based on a custom road atlas. It permits to create and store planimetry, profile and route time table of rides.

Changes in version 0.8:
-Support to manage different cyclist speed profiles
-Fix some bugs
Map editor:
- Support to manage multiple background images
- Undo/Redo for road points changes
- New icons
- New layout for some forms

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2003-09-03

New module: webAltimetry

WebAltimetry is a PHP application to display and store climb profiles and to store cyclists climb time.

You can see it at:

Note that the module name is webAltimetry but in the site it is called as "Climb Profiles"

In future this module should become a indipendent project.

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2003-04-30

Applet version available

An applet version of CycleAtlas is available at this URL:

The applet works even without plugins for Java2.

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2003-01-07

CycleAtlas 0.5

CycleAtlas version 0.5 has been released.


-Roads displayed with borders and different sizes depending of the zoom level
-Button for center the zoom view to the ride route selected

-New buttons fom higher/lower altimetry height
-Tooltips with altitude, distance and slope

Route table
-New colums: delay (partial and total) between expected time- effective time passing

Map editor
-It is now possible to insert and edit figure (urban area, sea, lake)
-The altimetry editor lets you to add new points directly from the graphic view
-New dialog for set size and color of map object (nodes, roads, figures) ... read more

Posted by Massimo Nervi 2002-01-07

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