Cyborg cyber cafe organizer is an important project. Unfortunately, the documentation leaves something to be desired. For instance, it would help a lot if more details were offered on installation, including an example of a working cyborg.conf file. I think Cyborg deserves to be in one of the major distributions, such as Debian. Such a project would certainly help drive Linux adoption, especially in so-called developing countries where most people access the Internet through cyber cafes.

Which brings me back to my problem: how to install and configure Cyborg. Besides the guys at Zeiberbude, has anyone else actually been able to install and configure Cyborg successfully? If someone has, could they please post their cyborg.conf file? I think that’s where many of us are getting stuck (at any rate, that’s where I'm stuck)!

Our network is running Debian 4.0 in case there might be any advice specific to Debian.

Thank you.