#56 Setup error on windows server

Setup (1)


The setup iveiw is terminated from the message "there was an error while installing iview on your comptuer click finish to exit setup"
I click on finish and another message appear
"Setup Aborting Iview installed failed"


  • Stephan van der Plas

    I can reproduce this issue. On a Windows 7 as well as on a Windows Server 2012 machine.Anyone who can help troubleshoot?

  • threehappypenguins

    I am having the exact same issue. I cannot find a solution while doing a Google search. Please help!

  • Leon Friend

    Leon Friend - 2014-06-26

    I suspect this probably the same issue I experience and it is an issue with the bundled PostgreSQL package..
    - Download and perform a clean install of PostgreSQL 8.4.21
    (If you have previously attempted an installation delete the existing PostgresSQL user account in windows)
    - Install it, keep the installation and data folders linked (i.e. it is OK to change the installation folder but don't change the data folder to a separate location)
    - Use the same password when installing PostgreSQL and iView
    - install iView as normal
    - don't forget to create the Windows Firewall Rules to allow inbound traffic to the web server on port 8000 and the Syslog Server on port 514


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