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CyberCalendar 1.8.1 Released

This release fixes a severe bug in CyberCalendar's public event submission form. It is
STRONGLY reccomended that your upgrade if you are currently running versions
1.6 thru 1.8

Posted by S. Ewald 2001-03-23

CyberCalendar 1.8 Stable Released

This is the first non-beta release of CyberCalendar, in preparation for 2.0.

CyberCalendar Changes

Version 1.8.1

* Fixed bugs in public submission form.

Version 1.8

* This is the first offically stable, officially non-beta version

* Some usability improvements added to the administrator interface.

* Some code cleanup.

Version 1.7b

* First basic implementation of Access Control List (ACL) support --
this means multiple non-administrator users can have access to a
single calendar.... read more

Posted by S. Ewald 2001-03-23